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Barcode Readers

Cognex offers the most advanced technology available for 1-D barcode and for 2-D Data Matrix code reading. Regardless of the barcode symbology, size, quality, printing method, or surface the codes are marked on, we can read it!

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The benefits of image-based readers combined with the ease-of-use and cost of laser scanners, featuring:

  • Highest read rates
  • No moving parts
  • Performance feedback
  • Industrial connectivity

Powerful, rugged barcode readers available in both wired and wireless models, featuring:

  • Highest read rates
  • Patented UltraLight®
  • Industrial connectivity

Designed for the rugged conditions of the factory floor yet is small and lightweight enough to fit comfortably in the hand with easy-to-use ergonomic controls, featuring:

  • Unmatched code reading
  • Wi-Fi communications
  • Application development

For every step of the direct part marking (DPM) process, including quality verification, and data validation. They feature:

  • Fully integrated design
  • Compliant results
  • Ease-of-use



Automotive Applications

Machine Vision and Auto ID: Automotive Industry Applications

Cognex vision technology helps companies improve their manufacturing quality and performance by eliminating defects, verifying assembly and tracking and capturing information at every stage of production to ensure the entire process is completed correctly. Smarter automation using Cognex vision means fewer production errors, which equates to lower manufacturing costs and higher customer satisfaction.


Automotive applications

Featured Automotive Applications

Windshield Glue Bead Installation
Battery Inspection
Wheel Fastener Inspection
Brake Pad Inspection
Transmission Assembly Inspection

Brake Valve Component Inspection
Cooling Module Inspection
Oil Cap Assembly
Welding Car Side Panels
Instrument Cluster Inspection

Engine Block Traceability
Automated Nut Fastening
Transport Tray Identification
Transmission Control Module Inspection
Tire Assembly Inspection


Barcode Reading Videos of Automotive Applications

Here are a few short videos that demonstrate the powerful capabilities of the DataMan® image-based barcode reader.

Auto Video 1 Auto Video 2 Auto Video 3
DPM reading on chrome and 
matt parts for WIP tracking

This short video shows how the same part 
can be read in its raw, unfinished state 
and then after a chroming process has 
altered its finish.
Assembly part tracking for WIP 

The DataMan 500 is so easy to use 
that it doesn’t have to be positioned 
optimally to achieve high read rates.
Check card reading for kitting 
The DataMan 8500 hand-held reader 
demonstrates how variable-focus liquid 
lens technology gives one reader the 
ability to read small DPM codes close 
up and then read large 1-D codes far away.


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