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Aerospace Servovalves

The first product Moog produced was an aerospace servovalve for a missile application.  Ever since, Moog has been the recognized leader in Servovalve technology expanding into all aerospace applications that require precision motion control. 

Typical applications include:

  • Aircraft flight controls for aircraft, launch vehicles and missiles
  • Engine controls for military and commercial aircraft, 
  • Turret controls for combat vehicles, 
  • Missile fin control
  • Thrust vector controls for launch vehicles and strategic missile
  • Various utility controls on aircraft and helicopters

All of these applications have a common theme - harsh environments
and precise system requirements. The servovalves used on commercial and military aircraft flight and engine controls are categorized as flight critical hardware this requires the highest level of dependability. Over the years, Moog servovalves have accumulated millions of flight hours of reliable service.


Aircraft Flight Control


Precision control for Flight Critical applications.

Engine Control


Proven pedigree for high reliability operation.

Launch Vehicle Thrust Vector Control

Thrust Vector Control


Robust design heritage for performance in extreme environments.

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