» Manual Press with Process Monitoring

 save separation of IO / NIO parts
Example 1: save separation of IO / NIO parts
part recognition
Example 2: part recognition

From 0,4 kN to 12 kN 
Throat depth from 128 mm to 248 mm 
Working height from 50 mm to 600 mm

Manual press with integrated process monitoring and electronic return stroke lock.


  • Long stroke 
  • Linear force progression 
  • Precise adjustment of the press depth via micrometer fine adjustment 
  • Maintenance-free, honed guides and precision-ground rams provide a long service life and lock against rotation
  • Optimum fit and form closure due to dovetail guide on the press head 
  • Quick set-up 
    - Exact alignment of the ram to the table of 0.05 mm 
    - Height adjustment using a crank 
    - Precision bores in ram and column base platen

Included with the control unit SCHMIDT® PressControl 600


  • Force/stroke monitoring of the entire pressing operation 
    - Allows for extensive error analysis 
  • Process reliability: 
    - Utilizing the interface of external sensors and actuators, the press is not unlocked until the part is completely and correctly assembled. 
    - Locking of the press with failed parts (SCHMIDT® ManualPress 307
    - Separation of the power flow (SCHMIDT® ManualPress 305
    -Secure separation and acknowledgement of Pass and Fail (“Poka Yoke”)
  • Freely programmable positioning, stopping and braking in forward and return stroke 
    - Process intervention 
    - Quality monitoring 
    - Reduction of error costs and elimination of errors
  • Short changeover times due to preselection of stored working profiles
  • Integrated software embedding of program modules SCHMIDT® ControlTool andSPC Software via USB connection to PC for 
    - Production data management 
    - Process monitoring 
    - Process visualization 
    - Quality evaluation 
    - Static process control
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